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 Window Cleaning F.A.Q.

What do you use to clean my windows?

Inside Your home:

Great question. I’m sure you don’t want harsh chemicals inside your home! That’s why we choose to go with a product called Glass Gleam 4. Not only is it approved for use in L.E.E.D. Buildings, and has the Green Friendly Seal, it also is the only product that has been designed from the ground up to leave your windows clean longer.

Many companies choose to use dish soap. That can certainly be effective, however, dish soap leaves an unseen film on the glass that breaks down then attracts dirt. Glass Gleam 4 does not. Glass Gleam 4 cost about 10 times what dish detergent does, and it doesn’t slide quite as well as dish soap, which means it makes our job a little harder. However we feel you and your windows are worth it.  Clean windows that last longer, all done with a green product.


Outside Windows:

Depending on what is the best way to clean your exterior windows, we may clean them the same way we cleaned the insides, or we may choose to use waterfed pure water technology.

See the FAQ: “what is pure water and how does it clean my windows?”

Other than looks why should I clean my windows? (A.K.A. – What is hard water staining?)

Obviously clean windows make you and your house feel good. Did you know that regular cleanings help prevent hard water staining? What’s hard water what? huh?  The easiest way to explain it to most people is the shower door example. Have you ever seen a shower door that gets a white haze on it over time, ,a haze or drip marks that won’t come off with normal cleaning?  That is a type of hard water staining. Hard water staining occurs when water which contains minerals and other dissolved solids dry on a glass surface. The water evaporates but the minerals stay behind. Over time these build up, but worse is that they actually bond to the glass. The only way to remove them at that point is buff them out, or use strong solutions to break their bond to the glass.


How often should I clean my windows?

We get asked this question A LOT!  At a minimum you will want to get your windows cleaned once a year. Most of our customers get their windows cleaned twice a year. This helps prevent hard water staining, which is more costly to remove and involves window restoration verses just window cleaning.



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